Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence Fence Gainesville Fl

Another popular option for types of fence in Gainesville FL is the vinyl privacy fence. You get as much privacy as you do with the wooden variety and have access to many different styles. They are also durable and require little to no maintenance.

They Are Durable

Vinyl fencing is extremely durable and made to last any type of weather conditions. They are great for Florida since they resist humidity and fungus growth much better than a wooden fence can. They also have the benefit of not needing to be treated and stained every year.

They Require Little Maintenance

When it comes to vinyl you do not need to do a lot of upkeep to have them stay nice. When you notice that the fence is starting to look dirty, you can hose it down with water to make it clean again. The debris will wash off the synthetic material smoothly.

However, heavy rain will also do the trick. During the rainy seasons, you will not need to worry about maintenance at all.

Design Choices

Vinyl fencing used to only come in white, however, the industry has been evolving and now you have a broad range of colors to choose from. You can be certain that you will find something that suits the style of your home.

They also come in many different shapes and textures, so you can create something unique. Whether you want a modern look or something classic, vinyl fencing can cover all of it. We also have the option to include decorative elements.

The decorative elements include adding lighting to the fence or post caps. We can also alter the patterns on the fencing for you- there is a lot to consider when it comes to designing your own vinyl fence. That is why vinyl is the most popular type of fencing in Gainesville FL.

Why Choose Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is great if you want to make a specific design, due to all of the customization options that it has. Plus, this fencing type requires less maintenance than wood. That makes them a great option if you do not want to deal with the treatment process every year for wood fencing, or can not.

Vinyl fencing does not have any gaps in the boards as well, so they are great if you want a lot of privacy. If you need to let in more sun for a garden or pool, then we have lattice options available for you. This keeps your privacy levels up, but also allows sunshine to pass through the very top of the fence.

So, be sure to contact us at Gainesville Fence if you want to talk more about what you can use vinyl fencing for. It is a versatile material that has a ton of design options, so do not hesitate to talk with our team. Our fencing experts can let you know what they think would work best with your needs and the design of your home.

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