Wooden Privacy Fence

Wooden Privacy Fence Fence Installation Gainesville Fl

If you want the best fence installation in Gainesville FL, then be sure to contact us. We offer the best wooden privacy fence installation in the area. They are durable, secure, and low maintenance. Plus, our privacy fencing is tall enough to help provide you with the seclusion that many homeowners want in a yard.

What Maintenance do They Need?

Once we have installed your wooden privacy fence, you will want to take a few steps to ensure the longevity of your fencing. We recommend that you stain your wooden fence once a year to prevent rotting. Our team is equipped to do this task for you, so you do not need to worry about it.

After the first 3 years of installation, you can stop having them treated every single year. From there, maintenance gets even easier, with the fencing only needed to be treated every other year to keep it looking new.

When to Choose Wood

We offer many different types of privacy fencing, so why pick wood? Many clients searching for fencing in Gainesville FL enjoy this option for different reasons. Wood is considered the traditional material for building privacy fencing and it can suit every style of home.

This material has a very natural appearance, is affordable for many homeowners, easy to install and to repair, and has many different style options. We are certain that we would find something that looks amazing when paired with your home.

You should choose wood when you want classic design and do not mind doing minimal maintenance to the material once a year. That way you can prevent your new fence from warping, rotting, and keep away pests like termites.

Wood Species

There are different wood species to pick from. Many homeowners prefer pine, spruce, fir, white oak, or western red cedar for their fencing material. Pine and fir fencing are often made from chemically treated boards, so we recommend one of the other species if you have pets in your yard.

Many of these species also can be customized to have different colors and be made into different styles.

Popular Designs

The shadowbox style of wooden fencing is the most popular and class option, as it looks pleasant on both sides. This type of privacy fence is more durable and has tiny gaps for your pets to look through. (This does not take away from the privacy you can expect to get.)

Cedar is the most popular material to make these privacy fences. They always look crisp and sharp, can be very tall, and can be wide if you need them to be.

If you contact our team at Gainesville Fence, we will be more than willing to try different designs and colors that you choose. We want to make you something that you enjoy and like seeing every day.

The “Good Neighbor Fence” is important when you have someone living next to you. It is clean and nice to look at, no matter what side you are on. Otherwise, your neighbor would be looking at the back of a fence every day.

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